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IC Cylinder rekey and master key

Master keys are an important component in ensuring that key holders with high-level access can get into all relevant locks in and across sites, but master keys are a security risk if lost or stolen. some cores eliminate some of the stress around master key holders, as rekeying locks at the master key, sub-master key, or grand master key level is easy.

In the event of a lost key with a rekeyable interchangeable core system, locks can be changed instantly and independent of access level, meaning that locks can be changed at only the master key level without requiring new locks or other operating level keys to be changed. While this practice may seem difficult in theory.

Basically, this type of lock has an interchangeable core which has the shape of the number 8. As you can suggest from the name, the main feature of this lock is that a cylinder can be easily changed if needed. To complete this process, you'll need a control key that should be order by the customer and made by Murray Ave locksmith .

IC Core rekey and master key
IC Core cylinder


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