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 Safe locksmith services 

Murray Avenue’s safe locksmith services offer :

  • Price Lock and Guarantee

  • Moving Safe’s for Over 25 Years

  • We Offer In-home and Virtual Estimates for Your Convenience

  • We Are Fully-licensed and Insured

  • Local small business in your neighborhood 

Safe service Murray Avenue Locksmith 

Safe open Pittsburgh PA

Murray Avenue locksmith is  your local Pittsburgh, PA safe and vault locksmith experts specializing in safe opening, safe repair and safe moving services.

Safe Moving and safe opening  

Moving a heavy and bulky item like a gun safe requires specialized moving equipment. A safe locksmith services professional will have a heavy-duty truck that is equipped with everything needed to get the job done, including an Ultra-lift motorized hand truck, padded blankets and felt pads to protect your safe.

Having a professional gun safe mover deliver and install your safe is the best way to get it home and ready to use. Consider these benefits of leaving this hefty job to a professional.

Cal Murray Avenue for free estimate 

Safe and Vault locksmith services Pittsburgh PA
Safe and Vault locksmith services Pittsburgh PA
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