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Intercom System

Intercom system by aiphone

Intercom System


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We will integrate intercom system that will provide you the best security and control for your business entry and most cost effective solution.

Wired or wireless intercom systems allow for ease of communication, which results in increased productivity. Whether it’s a meeting notification, emergency announcement or your  property entrance control, an intercom system from Murray avenue locksmith will streamline communication and deliver a messages between offices, buildings and other locations. Consider a door entry system from Murray avenue locksmith . It restricts access to the building and eliminates the need for employees to leave their desks or check on the door.

We offer the best solution that meet the highest standard to protect your business or your house. 

Our team specialists are equipped with the latest technology and expertise to integrate access system with the hardware lock mechanism and the intercom system. Whether you have multiple doors or entries to single main door we have perfect solution for your needs. Our integrators are able to design, set up, and fix all types of intercom system.

We have the most advanced solution in order to keep your business or family safe. Our specialist can design the right system to meet your needs and budgets.

 We can help you from the basic audio point to point system to the latest wire/wireless/WIFI multi units.


Audio video integrated intercom system 

We can integrate for your need and fit your budget either for point to point unit

That can program add/remove visitor from the exterior unit or PC-based Systems

with software control for any event 24/7.

A sophisticated, yet simple way to connect a variety of mixed-use buildings. Murray avenue locksmith systems can fit you a complete network-based communication solution with unlimited possibilities for any multi-tenant security application.

Video intercoms enable you to see who’s outside of the door, without having to open the door.

A video intercom system provides another layer of protection for your property.

Some of our video intercom systems provide integration capabilities with our access control systems, to further enhance security. Our system can easily program for restricting entrance visitor for certain schedule lock or unlock specific entrance.

schedule as we can integrated system that can manage from single door to multiple

building at different location.


Video intercom with mobile APP system 


Control your door talk and see who is ringing your bell from your phone /PC.

Whether it’s a delivery or an unexpected visitor, your customers can choose to see and speak with their guests – and unlock the door – while onsite using the hard‑wired master station or remotely with the mobile app. The interior master station ensures calls from the door station will not be missed, even when the internet is down or slow. 


Mobile app intercom aiphone
Intecom by aiphone ip video
Video audio intercom system

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